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Living through the Dimensions

By:Hanna Ehlers
Date: Mon,15 Feb 2010
Submitter:Hanna Ehlers

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We are currently having opportunity to see through a Kaleidoscope of experiences, emotions, situations and challenges. Sometimes we may feel lost, out of touch and as if we are caught in a foreign land without the capacity to communicate, other moments we can feel so connected to life that we erupt with joy and blush with energy of understanding why this is all happening, knowing our place in the plan. Perhaps this is currently how it feels to live through the dimensions; neither having arrived or fully left we are caught in the limbo lands of our own reality we create at any given moment and still affected by the global reality as the external shifts, squirms, and wrings itself through the black hole. As we reconnect and remember we can equally keep forgetting what we have remembered, it’s a day by day, minute by minute decision to choose where you are vibrating. We can slip into the stream of all possibility, all one, all magic, all love and all abundance at any moment however we can also jet into the matrix of control, fear, apathy, depression, and hopelessness. It only takes a thought to change our place in the cosmos!

So the buzz word is ascension but did anyone tell you, you can equally descend? For example, one might say, “yesterday I was ascending and today I’ve descended back down a few rungs”. But of course we wouldn’t say that, it would only affirm where we were putting our energy and intention, therefore we would have the realisation and move to get back on the upward moving train. There are many reasons for moving up and down in frequency right now and balance and equality seem most crucial when moving upward in frequency. If our foundations are shaky we could tumble down.

There are hundreds of aspects to consider to keep us ascending but the one way that we can keep it simple is to love what we are doing and feel love and joy and stillness as much as possible, ask the heart, “If I am not feeling love, why is this and how can I change to feel love again?” Following your heart is not an option, it is the only way forward, love is what all higher beings have plenty of and the more love the higher you rise. In love there is no judgement, no darkness. Opening the heart is what we are being given the opportunity for again. Your light shines when you feel love and when your light shines, you light up others, when you light up others you contribute to Mother Gaia’s frequency, when you contribute to Gaia’s frequency you connect in many ways and doors open.

What is it like to see through these doors and through the dimensions? How is it feeling to reconnect to a multidimensional soul? We each receive this in a different way and speaking only from my truth, it takes a little getting accustomed to at first. I guess it’s like allowing your mind far less control and censorship so that you have an ability to see through the veil. It’s like another layer that’s been there all along and even though it was right in front of your face, you missed it, maybe because no one ever told you how to look at it, or because it was kicked out of you. Psychic is another misleading label which excludes and doesn’t portray the magic of being human. Psychic is having bravery enough to say what you see and keep on going, psychic is our heritage, as is our ability to see the past and future. Our connection has never been lost, it’s just you were not told you had one, and in fact deliberately led as far away from that truth as possible. The truth that your ability to manifest and create everything that is occurring around you has been bound, gagged, forced in a safe and thrown out to sea but somehow you are finding it again.

Living and operating on both the 3D and 4D spheres is tricky at first, only because your mind likes to fool you that you are losing your grip, well of course you are! Lucky you! There is only one way through from my understanding and that is to keep allowing the impossible to become your truth, to remain open and to believe what your heart tells you. Your physical reality is somewhere you need to live if you wish to continue with the game plan and the mission you have set yourself, you need only to operate in third dimension to experience the feelings, and situations that teach you that which you asked for but you can still do this whilst bringing in your heritage as a star born and making the journey more exciting by learning how to widen your gifts, and ability to experience peace and joy when you step back into your creatorship, when you remember you are a God! You will develop a new way of seeing and this can be difficult at first as we lose touch with the blank and bleakness of only physicality. It hurts when you start to see more and as the crack deepens it can be very painful for some, but much more for those of us who try to hold onto the old life and the illusion of safety in the physical matrix trap where ego runs the show and keeps us buying, needing, desiring and continuing the constant ups and downs of the so called happiness bug which can never be fulfilled by anything outside of the self.
When you see clearly you have many ways of receiving your new information, via signs and synchronicity in the external world, voices or new sporadically helpful ideas and enlightenments, via your deep feelings which direct you toward what you are repelled from and relish in. Your vision may become clearer, allowing you to see many places at once. You may travel in a totally new sense! It can feel like you are living only a half life in physical now because you are many places and are connecting to where you are in those others places. You may connect with helpers along the way, encountering ascended ones and inner earth ancestors, intergalactic beings, dragon companions, the elemental realm, the animals of the planet and the advanced souls in child form.

Many lightworkers seek out therapists, teachers and people who they deem more equipped to teach and show them how to get the answers to their questions but this is something we need to fall out of, a teacher can walk beside you for a time but your teacher will not save you or do the work for you and if you are lucky you will be shown that you have all that you require within you and you are simply gaining the confidence and ability to release this for yourself. We all benefit from help and the mirror is a useful tool but depending on help is like giving up your free will!

If we fall into a dependency to always ask our spiritual teacher, complementary therapist or counsellor we are no further up the ladder then before we awoke, we simply move into a new age spiritual dependency on being feed answers we haven’t validated with our heart or sort to find on our own. If we look for all our answers in reports, books, study and research we lose out on finding our own truth if we only search outside and not the territory of our hearts the divine and our third eye. Subsequently should we never look to validate our inside truth from what others share out in the external we could miss a piece of the puzzle. On this road of becoming we are learning balance in moving through the dimensions. If we continue to be the student and fail to step into our teacher role we equally go round in circles rather than balancing the process. There are many lightworkers who are too frightened to take up their teaching post and I empathise, it is a massive responsibility where we are always finding the need to be both student / teacher but too much of one disallows room for the other.

As we continue we can feel like we are beginning to create a very large map of our self in the world. We may learn about how we first came to earth, perhaps we understand that there are dark players as well as light who seek to stop us in our remembering. We might discover what we call past lives, and reconnect with our soul family. Along the way, no doubt, we heal from family and childhood wounds and understand we can be who we wish to be and not just an amalgamation of a series of labels and our parent’s beliefs and actions. At this stage we can learn to re-programme and realign our mind, our personality, knowing that change is totally possible and we can throw away limiting quotes, such as “some things you just can’t change”.

Our visions for ourselves begin to come into physical form and we know now after tried and tested formulas that we are indeed in charge of shaping our lives the way we would like it, once we have mourned over the realisation that we have been responsible for all of our misery, and misfortune in our life up until that point. On occasion we grapple with how much of life is fated and how much room we have to flesh out the whole show and we learn that there are some very special moments that seem out of the ordinary and like they are meant to happen in a certain way so we learn the balance of letting go and surrendering when something comes along and we remember we have perhaps moved out of the flow without knowing so we evaluate with our heart and trust.

There may become a chance to re-establish our understanding of time and in which we begin to relate to the “No time” aspect of our soul. We then begin the balance between living in psychological clock time whilst involved with others and then falling out of this to meditate, enjoy other places or experiences which are not “in time”. We may start to feel how time in terms of linear, is getting quicker and quicker and we have longer in the spaces between where we become less aware of what we were doing yesterday, this morning or what happened last year. We can drop our past, focus less on our future and float around in the now, understanding that anytime soon; this is all we will have.

There may be times where we grow intensely in power and we can forget to remember how young we are in the cycle of life. We may lose the mystery and feel we know more than others or are reaching levels faster than our peers but then something always comes in to teach us we are babies in the grand scheme and as fast as you learn to fit a new piece of the puzzle, a new entire puzzle has just been manufactured and we are back at the start again! We learn to balance power and love and a spiritual slap reminds our soul that our ego had gained control in yet another clever game again.

Throughout all, living through the dimensions our faith grows and the more we fall backwards into the arms of the universe and our higher selves we understand we are always being supported and th

at retrospect proves that we can always get through situations, which at the time, because we could not see what was up ahead we lost trust.
Thank you for allowing me to share. In your journey I wish you light, joy and love!

See Below for Lightworker courses, trainings and groups to help you aid yourself with planetary changes and your mission, for more lightworker information visit to join the community should this resonate, blessings Hanna

Creating or Sustaining A Successful Spiritual Business
Saturday, 6th March 2010 - 12 - 4pm - £45 (£20 non- refundable deposit required) Angel Therapy Room, Westcliff

This workshop is open to anyone with a desire to work for themselves in a complementary therapy or spiritual setting or those already working for themselves who want to learn tools to expand their work further. This session is a great boost to your confidence and gives you a firm ability to move powerfully forward with your business! This four hour group session will demonstrate that to follow your outer purpose and find success and happiness in life, you already possess inside yourself everything you need, however using a mixture of a logical, left-brained approach and the right-brained rule of following the signs of your heart your can make your dreams a reality.

You will learn:
To uncover how to define your gifts and talents into a list of comprehensive services
To find a suitable job title or label to help explain what you do to others
To find all your strengths and unique selling points
About self employment and the energetic effects of your business
How to reach the audience you are seeking
How to bring in clients / more clients
How to use marketing and networking
How to create healthy work boundaries
The area of financing
Understanding manifestation
How to manage your sensitivity in the business world
Exploring pitfalls, do and don'ts and the archetype of the "giver"!
Get to meet other people in the same boat! ;)
The workshop includes meditation, spiritual guidance and self development exercises. There will be a short break with refreshments. Please bring a packed lunch.

Intensive Sound Healing Training Weekend Course
Saturday 27th March 10 - 6pm & Sunday 28th March 1 - 6pm (with certificate)
Fees £150 (£50 non-refundable deposit required)
The Quaker House, 18 Dundonald Drive, Leigh SS9 1NB
This training allows you to gain the skills to become what we call "a sound healer". In my opinion, like with any type of healing, you are already hold the ability to heal yourself and others you are just learning to remember this and tapping into your dormant skills.

This course is facilitated by Hanna Ehlers, a sound healer and channel. Her training was provided by Tom Kenyon, renowned Sound Healer and founder of Psycho-acoustic Brain Research during an intensive course in Seattle. Hanna's passion to re-awaken her own ability to heal with sound occurred after a memory of her home planet, far beyond the Gaia project and her Earth lives. She recalled how as etheric beings sound was used to sing to the auric field and realign any imbalances within the energetic frequency which was the essence of that being. Hanna has also had a huge passion for singing and sound making since her childhood and feels completely blessed to have now found what appears to be the main reason for her gift of voice. As well as running regular sound healing sessions in her private practice, Hanna acts as divine channel for intergalactic beings and family of light, offering their healing energy during regular performances. In the course Hanna combines her training gained from Tom Kenyon and her own understanding about sound as a healing tool, which combines her training as a psychotherapist.

To perform sound healing, you need not be a good singer, this is a misconception. It is the intention, emotion and feeling that allow the sound to penetrate and heal another successfully. The course will teach you a theoretical understanding about how sound is able to affect the physical body, with information about the brain and how our psychology plays a major part. Additionally you will learn skills to perform sound healing for clients, friends, family and yourself. This course in particular focuses on sound healing with the voice, although you will learn a little about how other instruments effect the healing.

Here is an example of some of the activities on the course:
Understanding sound and the brain and how it works
Understanding sound for ascension and the metaphysical connection
Using sound to clear and balance the self
Using sound with visualisation
Learning to perform sound for emotional and mental healing
Learning to perform sound for physical healing
Learning over toning
The power of chanting
Learning skills as a sound healer
Sound performances and meditations
Work will be done in a group, smaller groups and in pairs. Refreshments will be provided throughout the course, a packed lunch will be needed for the lunch breaks.
This course is a powerful journey and if this is something you are drawn to it is likely your energy is required at the event please contact Hanna to find out more about what is involved if you are unsure because this is a unique training!

Intensive Psychic and Healing Weekend Course
Saturday 24th April & Sunday 25th April 10 - 4.30pm both days
Fees £120 (£40 non-refundable deposit required)
(For those who have already taken this course and have already qualified as "Psychic and Healing Practitioners" via LightworkersUnite, there is a 50% discount to attend and re-train on the course. Please note this only applies to a re-training on the same course!)

This course is open to beginners and healers / psychics alike; it is an intensive journey taught from a high frequency perspective and encompasses a spiritual and logical look at the world and our developing abilities as the new earth global population! This course assists lightworkers with reaching higher! At the end of the weekend workshop you will receive a certificate which recognizes you as a "Psychic Healing Practitioner" and you will be given the opportunity to have your practitioner listing on the website and will be able to join the community of other Psychic and Healing Practitioners on the forum!

You will explore the world of spirituality and learn to understand what we mean by the word psychic. Delving into the parts of us we can't necessarily see, you will learn about your connection to the universe and how divine energy can enrich and heal your life. Whether you just want to learn more about the spiritual world, practice with a view to setting up your own business or enrich what you already practice, this course caters for both aspects providing you with an array of tools.

Many topics will be discussed such as, past lives, energy management, auras, chakras and how illness forms, angels, guides, higher self, the ego, soul contracts, what or who is God or the divine, ET's, brainwaves and more.

Exercises include:
Understanding the chakra body mirror system, Aura reading, White light healing, Chakra psychic healing, Psychic surgery, Remote viewing via cord cutting, "vaccuming", understanding distant healing, Mediumship reading, Card reading, Past life meditation
Visualisation meditations, and more depending on group energies / my guidance

The course will involve guided meditations and exercises in pairs and as a group, incorporating giving readings, healings and working on personal development.There are opportunities to continue working on the skills you have learned after the weekend workshop, with students that have already completed the course. Some snacks and refreshments will be provided for a short lunch break but please bring a packed lunch

Angel Mentor Training Course
Saturday 29th May 10 - 6pm with certificate Fees £75 (£25 non-refundable deposit required)

A New One day Course for 2010! The Angel Mentor Training is suitable for people who desire skills and education about how to offer angel wisdom and guidance as part of a business or career path and assisting others with healing and so on or alternatively it can be used to enrich one’s own healing purposes.

This day's course is intensive with lots of opportunity to practice and provides you with an understanding about how to become an Angel Mentor to guide others! The course ends with an Angel Mentor certificate and the individual is then able to be listed on the LightworkersUnite website as an Angel Mentor, should you so wish. You will receive a combination of both learning deeply about angels yourself and demonstrations on how to teach and guide others with this information.

The course is facilitated by Hanna Ehlers ATP MNFSH, who is a certified Angel Therapist, trained by Doreen Virtue on the island of Kona, Hawaii. Hanna uses both the skills learned via her Angel Therapist training and her own understanding and work with angels to bring forward a high frequency approach to angel work. Angels are not all fluffy and sweet, they are massively powerfully evolved beings of light, who are currently assisting us greatly with the earth changes and Archangel Raziel and Micheal are assisting me with bringing though their most crucial and timely messages, which suggests we must not pigeon-hole their presence and ability to assist, but that we can bring in more room for people now to ask for their help!

The following exercises and activities will be part of the course, along with more additions as needed at the time:

In depth Information about angels and archangles, how they work with us, how they assist us, who are the archangels, how to we communicate, understanding their energies and abilities etc
Angel Healing including cord cutting, vacuuming, chakra work, visualisation with angels work etc

Angel guidance, including angel card readings and other readings
Angel Sound Healing Channeled meditation.

Work will be done in a small group and in pairs. Refreshments will be provided throughout the day a packed lunch will be needed for the lunch break.

If you wish to find out more about any courses or to book please contact Hanna: 07703022129 or email [email protected]
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Jon Gretzky said:

So you say "... the one way that we can keep it simple is to love what we are doing"

Well, and what if I am not doing what I want?
Because life just doesn't let me? Constantly interfering already at the very first steps that I make to get there? Tearing up my plans before I even finished drawing them?

You resommend to ask the heart, “If I am not feeling love, why is this and how can I change to feel love again?”
Well, how can I possibly love what I am beaten into doing? I don't want to be where I am, I don't want to do what I do. How am I ever supposed to love that? Even less as I am not even given an answer when I ask for an explanation. Does life really think it can beat me into submission? If so it will learn a lesson. Whatever the plan is, it will only be achieved in cooperation with me, and never in confrontation. I know how I always can quit. And the longer this evil game continues, the more I am inclined to do so. Nothing will be lost. This life is a complete waste anyway.

>Following your heart is not an option, it is the only way
Why then does life constantly sabotize my efforts of doing exactly that?

Good question that is.
By the looks of it I will have to go and get the answer in direct communication. Will of course cost this incarnation, but it's not me to blame for that. All if would have taken is communication.
Wed,17 Feb 2010,12:02:25 GMT
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