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Not Taking Things Personally - an excerpt from 'Stepping Into The New Reality'

By:Karen Bishop
Date: Sat,27 Jun 2009
Submitter:Catherine Howard

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From Stepping Into the New Reality:


Several years ago I was in a group setting where we were practicing
EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). EFT is a healing and energy
balancing modality which stems from the core belief that "The cause
of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body's energy
system." And "Our unresolved negative emotions are major
contributors to most physical pains and diseases." (For more
information kindly visit Through a process
of tapping on the meridian points of the body, these energy
disruptions or blockages can then be released and re-framed.

When I first began experiencing the discomfort of the higher
energies hitting my blocked energy spots from toddler rapes, abuse,
and much life trauma, this process was greatly helpful in the
beginning stages. (Please note that as we progress through the
ascension process, many kinds of healing only serve to take us back
into spaces where we are no longer vibrating, and thus, healing is
no longer needed and is even detrimental. Also, we eventually see
that nothing needs to be "fixed" or is wrong once we reach a
certain vibration. Our new little ones receiving vaccinations is
another example of energies that are totally out of alignment and
way too much of a stretch. The vaccinations contain very low level
energy and this energy is extremely uncomfortable to these new and
higher vibrating babies...and the vaccinations exist in another
reality altogether! I am not suggesting or telling anyone what to
do here, in this regard. My grandchildren still receive
vaccinations, as my daughter feels that this is the right thing. It
is always best to go with what feels right to you at the time, as
this will place you in alignment with yourself.)

While we were tapping away one evening, something suddenly became
vibrantly clear. One of the many wonderful things about EFT, is
that is serves to give a person the clear and "real" version of
things (without the human mis-perceptions and density). What became
so blatantly obvious was that what holds us back so many times, is
the human pattern of taking things personally. This is because we
tend to view things from our ego stance, or dis-connect stance, or
rather, through the filter of our blocked energy. We think that
everything is about us.

"How can we not take things personally, when we only attract what
we are vibrating in the first place?" you may wonder. What holds
true for all of creation, or how creating works, is that we create
from both sides. For example: Most of you who are reading this,
realize that we are most certainly going through a spiritual
evolutionary process while here in form. What created this process,
and why did it begin in the first place? It is being fueled from
the outside and from the inside. Our positioning in the universe,
and the positioning of the planets, is creating it on the outside.
So are the solar flares, and basically all of the cosmos. This is
resulting in a raising of our vibration. At the same time, we as
human beings, and all the non-physical beings, are summoning this
process from the inside. So then, everything is happening at
once...culminating in one big creation that meets in a portal of
creation in the middle.

Did the chicken lay the egg, or did the egg lay the chicken? Which
came first? In all of creation, everything happens at once when
vibrations reach a certain level of frequency. It is then that
manifestation occurs when things culminate through like energies
attracting like energies. Similar to always having everything we
need, the pieces come together more easily when there is less
density. So then, do we attract our experiences, or do our
experiences attract us? And how does this relate to not taking
things personally?

As we vibrate higher and higher, we shed off our density, or the
lower vibrating aspects of ourselves. Higher and lower energies
cannot exist in the same space, and we are now residing in a higher
realm. We only react to things if they trigger something within us
that is a match in vibration. As we begin to vibrate higher, we
then begin to embody higher ways of being, and not reacting to the
outside environment is one of these ways of being. Just like all of
the nature kingdom, we eventually come to a place where we simply
are. The more purified version of ourselves is composed of our
special gifts and talents, our connection to Source, and not much
else. In this way, we can be shining our brightest light the
majority of the time. Everything else belongs to someone or
something else.

There are times when we must visit the lower vibrating aspects of
reality, as all of the earth is not yet in the same space of
vibration and evolution. As always, we can spend time in the denser
vibrations, but not for very long, as it is just too unpleasant and
at times intolerable. This is the way it was intended. One way to
"survive" while dropping down and visiting the lower vibrations is
to simply shine our light as brightly as we can. This involves not
taking things personally, or reacting to and becoming involved with
the dramas that may be occurring. When we interact or respond to
these lower vibrating dramas, we then become a part of them
ourselves, and only serve to fuel and support them. In addition,
reacting to any lower vibrating dramas (or creations) activates
them within us as well (just as receiving certain types of healing
does). Eventually, the energies that we have not yet released or
balanced within us, simply become dormant. So when we are in a
higher vibrating reality, they do not become activated; similar to
the process of natural selection.

By simply being who we are at our highest levels, just like a
flower would do, for instance, we are then able to raise the
vibration we are in, as well as maintaining our own. Staying
centered with who we truly are, while maintaining a connection to
Source, is the best way to survive any visits to the denser
realities. Most things on the outside eventually do not ever belong
to us....period.

When we attract situations in our lives that create an emotional
response, or charge, this is because we have a corresponding energy
pattern that is connected to our dis-connect or ego selves. As we
begin to evolve, we can still attract situations or see them
unfolding around us, but if we have no particular feelings or
emotions about them, then we are free and clear to be who we are at
the highest levels. Not taking things personally is one way to do
this. Energies we encounter are not always about us. This is one of
the reasons I love writing the energy alerts. The energy alerts
serve to show us that we are all one, having the same experience.
In this way, we need not take things personally. When we all
experience the same thing at the same time, we come to know then,
that we have not done anything wrong, are not attracting a bad
experience because we have an "issue," and everything is as it
should be. We are just vibrating higher and going through the same
stages of ascension at the same time. All is in perfect order, as
this is what we came to do.

Staying In Alignment With Not Taking Things Personally

There are two ways that I have found helpful to stay connected to
the higher realms or vibrations when we encounter a situation that
stirs an unpleasant reaction in us.

1. Suppose someone arrives in your reality that is embodying an
energy that you find annoying or unpleasant. They seem to become a
bur under your saddle, so to speak, and you find that you would
prefer to avoid them. In this case, it can be helpful to do this:
Ask yourself what it is about their energy that defines what is
bothering you. What is it about? Then identify that energy within
yourself. This is no new news here, and no new process.

After you identify what it is that their particularly bothersome
energy is about, then you have the opportunity to adjust that
energy within yourself. When particular individuals enter our
spaces with bothersome energy, it is almost always because it is
now time for a particular adjustment within ourselves to occur.
This is why it is coming to our attention.

If you cannot identify that particular energy within yourself (and
remember, it may be an energy that you could embody under certain
circumstances, or an energy that you do embody, but in a different
way and in a different arena, so it may be hard to recognize), then
know that it is then an energy that you may have a strong reaction
to or judgment about, so you would never consciously want to embody

In this case, you are being asked to be more of that energy, but
probably in a more healthy and balanced way. This particular energy
is just being shown to you in an exaggerated way so that you will
not miss it. We may think that no-one should ever embody this
energy, and certainly then, not us! We have strong reactions to
certain energies because we think they are very wrong and not of
the highest order, but when this is the case, what is really
occurring is that we are not right and the other is not wrong. In
time, if we are open and willing, we always find that we were
overly exaggerated in our judgment, and these seemingly horrible
energies are actually OK if they are used appropriately (in other
words, not to such a strong and exaggerated degree.) For some
reason specific to us, we believe that these unpleasant energies
are absolutely not acceptable, and so we would never embody them
ourselves! So then, we need to embody them ourselves, and find
their gifts and benefits, in order to diffuse and neutralize these
reactions we are having. We need to acknowledge their gifts and
benefits, and embrace them and become them in order to become
whole. Thus, we need not take this personally, as energy is simply
doing what energy does.

As we evolve higher and higher, we begin to experience less of
number 1, and more of number 2.

2. We eventually come to a space of being, where we are aware
that a specific energy is in our space, but we have no reaction to
it, except that it is unpleasant and it feels as though it belongs
somewhere other than where we are. It can almost feel repulsive.
We can easily see what it is about, and intuitively we know that we
have already been there ourselves, understand this energy, and know
we no longer embody it. It may even feel as though it lives in a
land far away...a land where we have not lived for a very long time.
In this case, we are then able to give love and understanding to
the individual who is embodying this energy, and thus, we do not
take it personally.

Even though we have now evolved out of many lower vibrating energy
patterns, they can still feel fairly uncomfortable to be around.
When we encounter them, we have a strong desire to be somewhere
else. This is because higher vibrating energies cannot exist in the
same space as lower vibrating energies. Knowing who we are at the
highest levels, staying in that space, and shining our lights while
being connected to Source while not taking things personally, is a
good way to spend the limited amount of time we may find ourselves
residing in the lower vibrating realities. Things are only about us
if we choose to take them personally."
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