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The Shamanic Way Of Healing

By:Raymond Hill
Date: Thu,27 Oct 2011
Submitter:Raymond Hill

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Shamanic healing is fundamentally a beneficial force for growth and change. It deepens awareness of both the causes of problems within one's life and sheds light on the path forward to a greater well-being and wholeness. Shamanic healing is a means of activating one's own inner potential and inherit healing abilities. The Padmic System™ of Shamanic Healing is a profound means to self-empowerment and works by:

Unblocking stuck energies in ones auric field, restoring flow, and returning power and energy to their rightful places. Power retrieval to ones aura restores our personal power, which we may have lost connection to and reconnects us with our power animals and spirit guides.

Soul retrieval returns soul essence; whilst extraction and dispossession healings remove and transmute energies within ones auric space which we have collected along the way that are not ours and belong elsewhere. This way of healing brings profound change, and should only be undertaken only if you are in full agreement of allowing change to happen, to complete the healing.

To fully understand the above concept we must take a look at Shamanic cosmetology and the mindset of a Shaman.

The Mindset Of A Shaman

The Shamanic view of the world is that all things are inter-connected in a web of beingness, everything affects everything else. The Shaman honors’ all kingdoms mineral, plant, animal and human, the four elements earth, air, fire and water, and develops the four aspects of ourselves, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. With the celebrations of the seasons the shaman attuned themselves to the natural ebb and flow of the Wyrd (fate) the energy of life.

The maintenance of one’s personal power is essential to the Shamans well-being. The Shaman must stay centered and balanced this is achieved by remaining rooted in personal connection to the earth, and from this earth connection the Shaman is then able to reach into the spirit realms. In this way, the Shaman becomes a channel between the energies of the earth, nature and the energies of the spirit world.

In engaging in the Shamanic practice the Shaman must move between what is termed the ordinary state of consciousness and the Shamanic state of consciousness. It is in this Shamanic state of consciousness that the Shaman contacts ones power animal, spirit guides and helpers.

Shamanic State Of Consciousness

So what is this Shamanic state of consciousness? To explain fully let’s take a look at the process of how the human body actually sees in its every day to day environment.

Normal sight relies on three components:

The eyes
The optic nerve
The visual cortex in the brain

The eyes convert light into electrical signals. These signals are carried by the optic nerve into the visual cortex, which acts like a 3D HD plasma screening room in the brain. The optic nerve transports a stream of electrons from the eyes to the brain just like that of a television cable which carries a signal to a TV set. The visual cortex is located behind the ears in the back of the head then generates an image. All seeing, in effect, happens inside the head, although it appears that we see the world outside.

However the eyes are of little use when it comes to perceiving the world of energy and spirit. The retinas in our eyes only register a narrow band of electromagnetic spectrum and cannot register the inferred and ultraviolet, for example, which our skin readily responds to. The optic nerve cannot help us either, as it is only a one-way cable that connects the eyes to our 3D HD plasma screening room. This screening room however is extraordinary. The visual cortex is able to translate energy (electrical impulses from the optic nerve) into living images. The way to perceive energy and spirit are already in place we only need to change the source of the signal and allow the visual cortex to do what nature intended it to do- to create images.

To see the world of energy and spirit, the Shaman consciously disengage the sensors (the eyes) and the cable (optic nerve) but keep s the recorder, the visual cortex which translates a signal into an image on our 3D HD plasma screening room.

We naturally have a system already in place by using the brow and heart energy centres in our own personal energy matrix. By connecting with our heart and brow chakras to the visual cortex we can see with the eyes of the mind and the heart and can begin to explore, and experience our own subtle energy field or Aura and see into the world of the Shaman .

When C.G. Jung, the psychiatrist and mythologist, visited the Pueblo Indians, he wrote of ‘discovering new approaches to age-old knowledge that has been almost forgotten’. In his conversations with Ochwiay Biano (Mountain Lake), he encountered the ‘Red Man’ who spoke from the heart, who spoke with what the American Indians called ‘Perfect Speaking’.

‘See how cruel the whites look,’ said Ochwiay Biano. ‘They are always seeking something… We think that they are mad’

Jung asked him why he thought the whites were all mad.

‘They think with their heads,’ he replied.

‘Why of course. What do you think with?’ Jung asked him in surprise.

‘We think here,’ he said indicating his heart.

The Way Of The Wyrd

As mentioned before we are all connected in a sea of energy “the Wyrd”(fate), a sea of universal potentiality it contains everything that ever was and everything that shall ever be. How we interact with this sea of energy depends upon our individual perceptions of it and this then becomes our own individualized perception of reality life as we know it.

As we become more proficient in our spiritual development from a shamanistic perspective we realize that we are multidimensional beings having a mind, body, and spirit.

The Universe and all that’s in it is in a constant state of expansion, creation and evolution because that’s the nature of all things. Weather we like it on not we are all on a personal adventure like a hero in a film we set off on a quest to discover our true nature. But to find our life’s purpose the universe will only share its secrets to the worthy so we are tested all the way so that we can master the lessons that the Universe gives us. The universe shows us the heart of our soul so that we may become the heroes that we are meant to be and to live the life we were bone to have.

In quantum physics it is suggested that objective reality does not exist, the apparent solidity of our universe is a gigantic holographic illusion. The interesting thing about a hologram is that if you cut a hologram into pieces each piece of the hologram would contain the entire image; therefore, the whole is in every part.

Scientists have decided that the universe is made up of particles, at some deeper level of reality; such particles are not individual entities but are actually extensions of the same fundamental whole, a kind of quantum energy field of pure possibility where everything is somehow connected.

When we are born, we are like perfect little diamonds in the rough ready to shine our light out into this world and into our life's dreams . However for most of us as soon as we are born someone picks us up smacks us on the butt and says “Get on with it” and its down hill from there.

Right from the word go, we get conditioned by our parents, our pairs, schools, education systems, work, religion, and politics you name it, and before we know it all these layers of conditioning have built up and have hidden our true light from our heart, and so we begin to identify ourselves as the layers, and so we stop listening to our hearts true purpose, and we begin to live our lives through the good intentions and expectations of others, on how we should be.

We unconsciously allow other peoples energies, thought and ideas influence and change our direction to such a degree that we consciously forget our true life’s purpose. We create internal conflict with our inner wisdom competing with the social conditionings of our up bringing. We follow the heard of others afraid of trying to change and conforming to the accepted mantra “But What will they think” keeping us in place because that how its always been.

So we begin to feed the desire to have the fast cars, the biggest houses the latest fads, and the “ I need it now” attitude because of the fear of, there’s not enough of it for everyone and its mine. So we begin the game of the Ego.

As a Shaman we become consciously aware of our spiritual growth and through practice we develop awareness of our several subtle energy bodies which come into play when we reach certain levels of spiritual awareness. Through the Shamanic Healing process we begin to:

Disassociate with energies that are not our own
Not to take life so seriously
To be more playful in our lives
To pay more attention to our own inner wisdom.

We learn:

Where thoughts go Energy flows
To be playful with our imagination
The unconscious mind communicates through analogies, symbols, and metaphors.

Ironically the only thing that separates us from consciously understanding this Shamanic state of consciousness and the world of spirit and energy is our perceptions of it. For if the essence of who we are is a holographic pin prick of the Creator which is internal, then surely that must mean we are in fact an individualized expressions of that source.

When we realign our lives through the Shamanic Healing process we get inspired or in spirit. We instinctively find that hero within and live our life automatically on purpose, acknowledging our own inner wisdom and the spirit that moves in all things.

Please check out our website and Sign up and joined our email list to receive bonus information and Updates on up and coming events and workshops.

Blessed Be

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